Ginger Richards

Athlete. Gymnast. Competitor.

I like to perform under pressure and find that I succeed under high stress circumstances.  There is nothing better than a podium spot!


About Me

My gymnastics journey started at age four. I've been very determined and never willing to give up on the dream and sport that I love. I've sacrificed much, enduring times of challenge and hardship, in order to reach where I am today.  As a college hopeful Level 10 gymnast, my education is a priority.  I am an honor roll Junior at Bishop O'Connell High School in Arlington, VA. I competed for Cardinal Gymnastics in Burke, VA for 10 years and recently moved to Capital Gymnastics NTC in order to pursue my college dreams.


New Skill!

Jaeger Release 12-19-20


Level 10 Skills


Blind Full

Higgins Rudi Dismount

Jaeger Release 


Back Handspring Layout

Switch Leap Split 3/4 Jump

Switch Half Ring Jump

Front Ariel 1.5 dismount

Front Toss (Tuck)


Front Full Punch Pike

Back Half Punch Branny

Punch Front Rudi


Yurchenko Layout Half


Favorite Routines


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Chalking Hands

Contact Me

Falls Church, VA

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